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Welcome to Learning to BE YOURSELF!
The place to discover the 'real' you!

"You can discover the authentic 'You' God created you to be through the information contained at the moment of your birth - it's recorded in the Heavens!"
Rosemarie Jane –
Your Faith-Based Astrologer

Who are you really on the inside, away from the influence of social media and advertisements that are constantly telling you who you should be?

The heavens are filled with amazing insights
into your  real God-given identity!

What Does the Moment You Were Born Say About You?

What can you find out about your life from the day you were born? You may be surprised to learn that it can show you many things!


We are all born with gifts and talents, strengths and weaknesses.  On the day you were born, the Heavens were arranged in a certain way.  From this picture of the heavens, you can learn a lot about who you are and who you were created to be! 


You can start discovering more of your picture of the Heavens, from the Star Pattern that was present on the day you were born.  God created markers in the Heavens that reveal a part of your unique personality and point to how and where you need to ‘shine’ in your life. 

Even though we basically know ourselves, we all have questions about our purpose, gifts and talents.  We may have problems we can’t seem to resolve.  We want more insight into what we are experiencing but don’t know where to find it.  You are searching for a happier more fulfilled life.


Answers to the questions we all have are available from the God Who created us, and in addition to the Word of God, these answers can be found through the heavens He created!  He loves you and wants you to know about Him AND yourself! 


Once you know more of who you were created to be and the qualities you possess you will have a confidence you never had before.  You will know who you are, and no one will be able to take that away from you! 

wisemen star.jpg
The Wisemen knew how to read the signs in the Heavens.  When they saw a particular Star Pattern, they understood that the Savior had been born.

Answers to Your Important Life Questions

Many people want to know their purpose and have prayed and prayed for God to show them.  They don't know that He has a blueprint for their lives available for them to be able to know about themselves - their strengths and weaknesses.


When God created the earth, He also created the solar system the earth is in. Everything God created has a purpose. The Sun, Moon and Planets have more of a purpose in our lives than most have ever known before.

Most believers are taught that it is not God's will for them to study astrology. They are taught that it is wrong. What they don't know is that astrology itself is not against God's will, but that worshiping the planets is what is against His will. He made the sun and moon to rule by day and night for a purpose. Discover more about that purpose here.


The understanding of the constellations, sun, moon and planets was passed down from Adam, who named and understood them all, to Noah, to Abraham through the generations through today.

What's next after you've raised the kids and are thinking of your retirement years? Look at the blueprint of your life to build your second half of life!

Are you confused about who you are?  Trying to find purpose?  Lost your job, what is next?  Marriage troubles?  Hard to get along with others, Addicted?  Insecure?  Don't know who you are anymore?  These types of questions can be answered with the information found in your natal chart. 


Discover and interpret the main indicators in your Natal Chart to begin to see the gifts and talents you were born with, and the main area of life they will be used and developed in your life.  Get yours here.

Are you ready to take a look at the blueprint of your life?

The Blueprint of your life is a snapshot of the heavens the moment you were born.  The moment that you took your first breath, God's destiny for you life was enacted.  You can unlock the understanding of this destiny and purpose through Spirit-led Biblical interpretation of the symbolism in the heavens present at the time of your birth.

This will show you, and many times confirm to you, the uniqueness of who God created you to be - your personality, talents, strengths, even your weaknesses - to help you fulfill the plan the Lord has for your life!

As you learn about your life and destiny, you will grow more confident and secure, knowing you are walking hand in hand with the Creator of the Universe.  It adds a dimension to your walk that is closer and more connected to the Lord that was not possible before.  It is something that is available for every Believer!

The Spirit of the Lord has revealed and taught Rose Martin time tested Biblical Astrology that is designed to bring people closer to God and an understanding of who He created them to be in order to better fulfill their purpose in life. She is bringing important information to Believers of the Christian and Messianic Judaism faith - the One New Man - who are searching for answers about their lives and faith walk.

By interpreting the personal signature of their lives as shown in the Heavens, Rose helps Believers discover important keys to knowing who they are, leading them closer to the Lord and bringing more fulfillment, contentment and happiness to their lives.

Purple Glow

Request Your Primary Star Pattern Here!

What can the Primary Star Pattern on the day you were born show you?  It's the beginning of discovering who the Lord created you to be.  Your gifts, talents, strengths and weaknesses.
Full Moon
Coastline at Sunset
Astronomical Clock
What is your Primary Star Pattern?  The starting point in discovering your gift and talents.  Find yours here.
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