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Primary Star Pattern and Traits Report

A good place to start - Get the basic traits of your Sun and Moon

  • 30 min
  • 25 US dollars
  • Email of Primary Star Pattern Report

Service Description

Printed general report of the traits of your Primary Star Pattern, based on your birth information. Introductory report that will give you insights into the Sun, Moon and Rising Signs (Rising Sign is only available with accurate birth time) and show you personality traits that each one represents. TO SEND FOR YOUR REPORT: Pick a time and send your birth information. Birth month, day, year, location - city/state/country, - TIME OF BIRTH. The time of birth can be found on some birth certificates. It is needed to get more detailed information about your chart, so it needs to be exact. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW YOUR BIRTHTIME, please do not guess. Simply let me know that you do not know, or if you just have an approximate time. Include the email address to send the report to when it is ready. Please Note: If you do not know your exact birth time, we will not be able to go over the Rising Sign, House Your Sun is in, or the Planetary Ruler. We will be able to go over your Sun and Moon Signs and other significant positions in your Natal Chart. Depending on the volume of readings, your reading will be completed within two weeks of your appointment date, and we will be able to schedule a live reading, or the link to the private video with your reading will be emailed to you. In the meantime, you can take a look at the Sun Sign you were born under and start getting to know yourself better! Thank you for your request! Rose Please note: The time you select is not the time for a personal reading. It is to provide the birth information and payment needed to begin to work on your Natal Chart. Once I receive your booking, I will draw up your Natal Chart and provide the Interpretation you requested.  Within two weeks I will let you know that your report is ready and send it to the email you have provided to me. I look forward to helping you discover more about yourself!

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