What is Your Primary Star Pattern?

Insight into your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

There is a Star Pattern in the Heavens each day, and there was a Star Pattern in the Heavens at the exact time you were born.  This Star Pattern reveals the story of your life and when interpreted provides great insight and guidance to finding yourself and your Kingdom Identity.
Through the pattern created by the Sun, the Moon and the Stars at the moment of your birth you will be able to discover amazingly accurate information about your personality and purpose.  Once you know your Pattern, you can discover their meaning in "Your Destiny Discovered, Astrology for Believers."
To discover the components of your Pattern, which is based on the date, time and place of your birth, send me your birth information below and I will calculate your Natal Chart, email you a printout, listing Your Primary Star Pattern.  It will include your Primary Star Pattern of the Sun, Moon and Rising Signs as well as other key indicators which will get you started on your journey of self-discovery!
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Primary Star Pattern

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