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Astrology - A Divine Science
However - a Word of Caution is Needed for Believers!
If you want to study more on your own, you need to prepare yourself for the terminology that we as Believers have been taught to stay away from.

My goal and directive from the Lord is to present the Heavens according to principles and beliefs found in the Bible and in Ancient Hebrew writings.  Having your Mazel read is life changing and some people want to learn more about this amazing science.  However, a word for the Believer is needed here.  In order to learn more about astrology you will need to read books that are not written from a 'religious' viewpoint.  Therefore, you will need to read some secular books to get the basic scientific information from which you can interpret from God's viewpoint.

Running into New Age terminology will deter many Believers away from studying Astrology.  Not everyone needs to study astrology extensively.  They can get a personal interpretation from me, or from another faith-based astrologer that will give them what they need to know without needing to study for years.  This is like studying to become a doctor - there are a lot of details, idiocyncracies, and practice needed.  It's not for everyone.

However, if you do want to delve into this just know that there are not many books written from the Christian, Believing in One True God, version of Astrology interpretation out there.  If you want to study more, you need to prepare yourself for the terminology that we as Believers have been taught to stay away from.

You must learn to substitute these words with the original meaning from Ancient Biblical text wherever you see them.  Conform them back to the meaning the Word gives them.  Be strong in your knowledge of the Word of God to be able to discern what is not according to the way that follows the Bible, or bring it back to the meaning that would go with the Word.  Most of the time it started there and was changed to suit those who wanted to believe in their own version of god.

Here are common examples of concepts I have run in to along with the Biblical substitution:

Karma - Sowing and Reaping


Reincarnation - According to biblical theology, we do not believe in this teaching.  However, whether it is true or not, Yeshua paid the price for all of our sins and mistakes, in this lifetime or any other, and once we have accepted Him as our Saviour, this is the last stop before Heaven with Him for all eternity.  Our 'karmic' debt has been paid by Him!


Higher Self - We are seated with Christ on His throne at the right hand of the Father - HIGH above all else.  We are to become in this likeness - this is our higher self - the one fashioned after Yeshua - after LOVE!

Yin-Yang - Positive-Negative, Masculine-Feminine

In your studies, if you feel uncomfortable while reading new information, stop reading and seek the Lord as to how it fits in with what you already know from Biblical principles.  You do not want or need to read everything that is available.  You do not need to accept anything that does not line up with Scripture - written and oral.  There is good basic information on what the meanings of the components of Astrology written by secular Astrologers.  We can learn much from those writings.  The interpretation is where we mainly need to make sure to apply Biblical principles.  Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you into what to read and give you the reverent understanding of this new science - a Divine Science.

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