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Sun in Pisces
February 19 - March 20

PISCES NATURE:  Compassionate, idealistic, dreamer, and creative.  You are artistic, intuitive, gentle, kind, wise, self-sacrificing, and unworldly.


With your Sun in Pisces you were born with an amazing ability to get along with others and give unconditional love.  Pisces is known to have the smallest of all egos in the Zodiac.  You do not like to worry about yourself, instead you care for others.  It is one of your strongest attributes.  You can be the best of all friends and people feel comfortable confiding in you.  Pisces is the least social of all signs and is introverted  and private.


You are spiritually and intuitively sensitive and reach beyond what is tangible.  Because of this sensitivity, you can be easily hurt and therefore want to escape and live in a world of fantasy.  You need some time each day to get away from it all and be alone to recharge.  You work selflessly in the background. You can be so busy doing for others that you do not reach for your own highest potential.  You often provide the backdrop to life events as you like to join with others and do not want to stand out in the crowd.


Trusting others too easily can be your worst fault and can lead to being taken advantage of.  You are sacrificial, understanding, ambiguous, spiritual, wise, and devoted. Your creativity can draw you to glamor, designing and making beautiful clothes.  You can learn to rely on unhealthy habits and are given to excesses.  You are a hopeless romantic.


You like being alone, sleeping, music, romance, fantasy, and spiritual themes.  You dislike being criticized, cruelty of any kind, and being stuck in the past.


Pisces Fulfillment: You find fulfillment through deep spirituality and religion.  The suffering experienced from self-sacrifice fulfills itself in spirituality.  You fulfill your life through your gift of faith and tireless service toward others.  You are aware of the suffering of others and can help others through a caring or spiritual type of profession.


Pisces can find inner peace ministering within the walls of a monastery, nunnery, hospital, or other large institution such as a nursing home, county hospitals, halfway houses, jails, or prisons.  You have a quick comprehensive, intelligent mind with good judgment and the ability to do many things.  Your talents can be used in Mountains of Influence involved with musical and artistic endeavors, photography, publicity, advertising, chemistry, anesthesia, hospitals, film acting, and singing.


Pisces Pride of Life:  You are proud of your faith.  Caring for others, self-sacrifice, and privacy are the center of your life.


Keeping Pride in Check:  Make the most of each opportunity to learn how to open up emotionally in your partnerships.  Learn to keep a healthy balance between humility and a healthy need to protect yourself.  At times you need to find things to do for yourself.


Pisces Challenging/Unbalanced Traits: You can be idealistic, vague, weak-willed, aimless, lost, disillusioned, escapist, and elusive. You can become a victim or martyr or lose your identity as you naturally blend with others.

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