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Scorpio Rising
Scorpio Key Declaration:  I desire

Those born with Scorpio Rising can be seen as aggressive and ready to fight battles, but under that exterior is a reserved and cautious person.  Scorpio Rising wants to be known for their power and deep personal transformations.


You give a lot of thought, study, and practice to any situation.  You desire deep thought, deep study, and deep training.  You are goal oriented and work with shared funding or possessions gained through the resources of others.


Scorpio is a Fixed Water Sign which accounts for your fixed, stubborn nature and intense emotions.  Scorpio is a receptive Feminine polarity indicating you take things into consideration before responding. 


Scorpios have two ruling Planets which are the traditional Planet of Mars, the ‘Warrior’ that fights, and the modern Planet of Pluto, the ‘Transformer’ that transforms.  Scorpio Rising can have intense life experiences that renewal and transform them. You want to change things.  You have a need for power and control and can learn to manipulate in order to maintain it.  You need to guard against extremes and becoming obsessive, possessive, or dictatorial. 


The symbol for Scorpio is the Scorpion with a poisonous stinger. Scorpio Rising is suspicious and can be jealous, unforgiving, and secretive.  If you are betrayed, you will get revenge.


Scorpio is the natural Sign of the Eighth House which represents death, passion, sexuality, and taboo issues.  Therefore, it is natural for you to be interested in deep spiritual meanings and the afterlife.  There is a strong sense of purpose and a need to question every action.  You like to solve mysteries, dig things up, and get to the bottom. 


You can see your short comings and problems clearly and are always looking to transform yourself into something better.  Because of all the self-evaluation you may overlook your own positive qualities.


With Scorpio Rising you were born with a need to control others, but you will learn inner control and self-respect through your committed partnerships.

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