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Sun in Capricorn
December 22- January 21

CAPRICORN NATURE: Achiever, reserved, mature, and disciplined. You are conservative, responsible, determined, self-controlled, grounded, and concerned with status.


With your Sun in Capricorn you are ambitious and are empowered by authority, structure, and tradition.  Capricorn is the most mature and serious Sun Sign of the Zodiac.  You were born to work hard and earn respect.  You are old for your age when you are young and young for your age when you get older!  Capricorn generally has a difficult childhood that improves with age. You are a loner and are slow to make friends.  You have a dry sense of humor.


You are self-directed and have a drive to succeed.  Success is a requisite for your self-worth. You are dedicated and trustworthy and need approval from those in authority.  You make and follow your own boundaries, come up with your own game plan and refine it until it works.  You are hardworking and keep to the task until the goal is achieved.


Being condescending can be your worst trait.  You demand a lot from yourself and others. It can be hard for others to meet your standards.  You have a hard time being carefree and always want to be working on serious matters. Time and money are important.  You like to learn everything through actual experience and practice.  You are persistent, ambitious, and reliable.


You like status, quality craftsmanship, rank, and concrete results. You dislike just about everything at some point in your life.


Capricorn Fulfillment: You find fulfillment and security through your career, home, and family.  You seek a worthy cause and the status that attracts a good partner, who will help you build your home and career as you fulfill your destiny.  The more you share your talents with the world the more accomplished you will feel.


You appreciate authority and order and prefer the executive side of your careers. You are a doer, achiever, goal-oriented which makes you suited for entrepreneurial type businesses. There is the tendency toward authoritarianism, bureaucracy, and insensitivity in business dealings.


You understand the process of building and know how to rise to the top in your career.  You do well in the Mountains of Influence that involve large building and business schemes and will generally see them through.  You will be seen as a leader, executive, and authority in whatever occupation you choose.


Capricorn Pride of Life:  You are proud of your achievements, success, and authority.  Power and status are the center of your life.


Keeping Pride in Check:  Make the most of each opportunity to learn how to play and enjoy life.  Relinquish control at times. Learn how to see things theoretically and spiritually rather than solely from material experience. Give credence to other people’s abilities.  Realize that everything that you have acquired is not from your merit but a gift from God.  Enjoy the moment instead of always planning for the future.


Capricorn Unbalanced/Challenging Traits: You can be too conservative, miserly, and gloomy. You can suffer from inhibition, lack of self-confidence, and pessimism.  You can be unforgiving, condescending, expect the worst, and avoid true connections with others. You can take too long to prepare before starting a project.

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