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The 12 Moon Signs

What is the nature of the Moon Sign you were born under?

Your Moon Sign plays an important part in how strongly your Sun Sign can express itself.  The Sun and its Sign give you goals and direction that inspire your life. The Moon’s characteristics work to fulfill the needs and desires of your heart, your Sun. They work together to accomplish their individual roles.  Discover the traits of your Moon Sign.

Locate the Sign that your Moon was in at the time of your birth below.

Moon Clouds

Your Moon Sign

What Makes You Feel Secure?

What's Your Emotional Nature?

Why Your Moods?

Moon in ARIES


The Moon in Aries indicates you have a strong need for action and become easily bored. Your moods and emotions are extremely quick to surface.  You are a fast driver and have an excellent reaction to danger. You are incredibly determined and want to follow your own path of action, right or wrong.  You do not like interference from others.  You have sudden flare ups of temper, but they are quickly forgotten.  You are prone to taking the reactions of others personally.  You can lose patience with those slower than yourself, only to regret it later.


 You act on your feelings and instincts.  You instinctively put yourself first. If you can control your impulsive tendencies, you can be very decisive.  You encourage others to do things themselves.


 The Moon in Aries’ best traits are your sense of optimism and drive, and your worst traits are your impatience and temper.


Your emotional responses are impulsive.  You protect yourself by taking charge and lashing out.

Moon in TAURUS


The Moon in Taurus indicates a strong need for material security.  You display common sense in handling financial and home affairs.  Your moods and emotions tend to be steady and serene.  Negative emotional reactions lead to overindulgences such as overeating, overspending, or being lazy.  You can develop an excess attachment to material things. Possessiveness and stubbornness are challenging traits that need to be overcome.  You need a nudge to start new projects, but once they are started, you will see them though.


This position of the Moon generally attracts wealth and a good life.  You surround yourself with the beautiful comfortable things of life.  A stable home life is important to your emotional security.  You adhere to conservative and conventional principles.


The Moon in Taurus’ best trait is your loyalty and your worst traits are being stubborn and overly self-indulgent. 


Your emotional responses are deep and strong.  You protect yourself with your material possessions.

Moon in GEMINI


The Moon in Gemini indicates a strong need to communicate with the world. A quick verbal response is characteristic. You tend to talk incessantly.  Your moods and emotions are dualistic.  One minute you respond one way and the next your response is another way. You rationalize your emotions and have a hard time trusting them.  Sometimes you are not sure of how you really feel.


You are a great multi-tasker and can start several tasks at one time but may have trouble bringing them through to completion.  You are resourceful in coming up with solutions. You are very curious and like to ask many questions.  You are an interesting companion and guest with a broad range of interests and skills.  You must use your tremendous resource of energy. If it stagnates or slows down you become impatient, restless, and are filled with nervous energy.


The Moon in Gemini’s best traits are your enthusiastic and curious nature, and your worst traits are that you can be deceitful and gossipy.


Your emotional responses are changeable.  You protect yourself with what you know and by rationalizing your emotions.

Moon in CANCER


The Moon in Cancer indicates a strong need for emotional security.  Your moods and emotions are strong, self-protective, and changeable.  You feel things very deeply.  You feel first, then you think about it.  You can go from joy to sadness to anger and back again within seconds.  You are extremely sensitive to the moods and feelings of others.  This can sometimes lead to imagined slights, which can lead to many tears.


You have strong intuition and instincts and you should learn how to use them.  Domestic relationships are important.  There can be a strong tie to your mother.  You may be a good cook.  You can be an overly concerned parent, always worrying and imagining the worst. Security is especially important to you and may lead to hoarding and secretiveness.  A secure home environment is important to your emotional safety.


 The Moon in Cancer’s best traits are your maternal and caring nature, and your worst trait is being overly emotional. 


Your first emotional response is defensiveness.  You protect yourself by retreating and hiding in your shell. 

Moon in LEO


The Moon in Leo indicates a strong need to be admired and appreciated.  Your moods and emotions are proud.  You enjoy the spotlight and have a dramatic flair. You need to love and be loved and need romance and affection. You can be self-centered, egotistical, and stubborn. You may hide your lack of self-confidence and self-esteem by bragging and vanity.  You like mixing and surrounding yourself with the finer things of life and those who flatter you.  This could lead to snobbishness.


You cope well in any emergency because your leadership and organizational ability can be expressed at a moment’s notice. Your immediate instinct is to take over. It is easy for you to appear bossy, dogmatic, and stubborn.  You believe that you can do anything as well or better than anyone else.   You have great potential, can be a high achiever, and an inspiration to others.  You hate to admit you are wrong.  If you ever do admit it, you are serious about it.


The Moon in Leo’s best trait is your charisma, and your worst traits are your pride and vanity. 


Your emotional response is to take charge.  You protect yourself with your ego, pride, and vanity. 

Moon in VIRGO


The Moon in Virgo indicates a strong desire to categorize and organize your needs and habits.  Your moods and emotions are rational.  You have an extremely hard working and practical nature.  You do things well and like to figure things out.  You can be talkative when nervous or challenged.  You are concerned with neatness and cleanliness for yourself and your household.  You are particular about food, diet, and health.  You are detail oriented and can have a critical spirit.  You have good literary skills.  You can have quick reactions, have good common sense, and are extremely practical in your approach, leaving the emotional consideration to others.  You may become too predictable. You are considerate in your work and personal relationships.  You are shy, gentle, and affectionate.


The Moon in Virgo’s best trait is being talented at virtually everything, and your worst traits are worry and lack of confidence. 


Your emotional responses are practical and efficient.  You protect yourself by fixing yourself and your surroundings and keeping everything in order.

Moon in LIBRA


The Moon in Libra indicates a strong need for harmony and balance in everything you do.  Your moods and emotions are fair and agreeable.  You are a natural peacemaker and have a great ability to identity with other people’s problems and points of view. This can cause you to be indecisive, especially with answers to your own problems.   There is an immediate response to others and a willingness to listen. You are instinctively drawn to relationships and partnerships to help provide balance.


Seeing many different points of view can cause you to be unsure of choosing the correct answer. You can become dependent on your partner making decisions for you.  You need to balance your needs and instincts. Your emotional wellbeing depends on the approval of others, so you are gracious and courteous.  You have an immediate charm and can bring out the best in others.  You need to be careful not to be too dependent on others for emotional security. 


The Moon in Libra’s best traits are your sense of balance and fairness, and your worst trait is indecisiveness.


Your emotional responses are fair and agreeable.  You protect yourself through the security of a partner.



The Moon in Scorpio indicates a strong need for power and transformation. Your moods and emotions are strong and are based on conscious desires.  Your feelings are easily aroused when you are challenged, and you instinctively overreact when provoked.  Outbursts are not uncommon.  You want to dominate others through subtle means.  Your deep and stubborn emotions can lead to intense situations.  You do not forget personal affronts. Jealousy, revenge, possessiveness, and resentment are powerful responses that need to be dealt with.


As the Moon nature is internal, you likely present yourself very differently in the outward displays of your personality.  You are instinctively secretive and have covert motives for your actions. Your personality undergoes transformations throughout your life, with your strength and energy being renewed each time.


The Moon in Scorpio’s best trait is your passion and your worst trait is the intensity of your emotions.


Your emotional responses are deep and penetrating.  You protect yourself by knowing you have a plan of defense available if needed. 


The Moon in Sagittarius indicates a strong need for freedom and forward motion, both physically and intellectually.  Your moods and emotions are positive and enthusiastic.  However, you can be blunt and frank in your expression.  You have high goals that may lack a sense of reality. You are moody, even unpredictable in your desires.  One part of your behavior relies on a constant stream of a moral code that guides your decisions, and another part of you that does whatever it wants without any concern for others.  When these two parts do not join together, you scatter your energies and accomplish little.


You seem to not worry too much about details.  You are instinctively drawn to distant places and enjoy foreign foods. You have a need to be challenged through risks.  When presented with one you rise to the occasion.  You can have a strong attachment or response to the religion or philosophy taught to you by your parents in your early childhood.


The Moon in Sagittarius’ best trait is your adventurous nature and your worst trait is your restlessness. 


Your emotional responses are optimistic and idealistic. You protect yourself by knowing truth and having faith in higher matters.


The Moon in Capricorn indicates a strong need for self-preservation.  Your moods and emotions are reserved, and you take only carefully calculated risks.  You are happiest when you have a goal and are working to achieve it. You take life seriously and identify emotionally with material rather than spiritual values.


You have a very cool, calm reaction to situations and your emotions are rather low and under control. You have a hard time showing emotions and giving or receiving love.  You seem detached as if you want to distance yourself from others but in reality you need a lot of love, affection, and reassurance from others, more so than any other Sign.  You have a dry sense of humor and can use it to offset this distance. You can easily become discouraged and need someone to inspire you.  You can be shy and unsure about your self-worth.  You seek status and financial security for yourself and your family.  You are hardworking and ambitious desiring to succeed. 


The Moon in Capricorn’s best traits are your ambition and resourcefulness, and your worst traits are being cold and condescending.


Your emotional responses are cold and serious.  You protect yourself through your solid reputation as well as closing off your emotions.



The Moon in Aquarius indicates a strong need for independence, originality, and emotional detachment.  Your moods and emotions are unpredictable and detached.   You are friendly to all in an impersonal way.  Emotional attachment threatens your personal freedom.  While you do have an emotional barrier, when someone breaks through, they see your characteristic kindness. You have a great capacity to sympathize with the needs of humanity.  You are very observant of people and life, and notice everything, including the emotional tone of the situation.


You offer help to others and take pleasure in making the offer and not in what you get in return.  Your feeling nature is strongly associated with your mental nature, which is mature and self-controlled.  You tend to run from emotional attachment and expression. You can have sudden inspirations and solutions.  You can be controversial and rebellious and need the freedom to come and go as you please.  You may have unusual family relationships.


 The Moon in Aquarius’ best trait is your concern for all humanity and your worst traits are your fear of emotional intimacy and attachment. 


Your emotional response is kind yet distant.  You protect yourself by detaching from people.  Keeping your emotional distance from others keeps you safe. 

Moon in PISCES


The Moon in Pisces indicates a strong need for sensitivity and imagination.  Your moods and emotions are easily moved to great happiness or sadness.  You are kind and sympathetic to the feelings of others.  You soak up the thoughts and emotions of others and respond by doing something kind and charitable, even to the point of self-denial.  Because of your emotional vulnerability you can be hurt easily and can develop a persecution complex and then withdraw.  You need time each day to go into seclusion to recharge your emotional batteries.  Giving in to any form of negative escapism can become a habit that is hard to break.


You take the road of least resistance. You need to devise a way for you to hold your ground. You need to be sensitive to the intricacies of your needs and instincts and take direct action to express them.  Try to be a bit braver in expressing your own feelings so there can be an emotional environment that is mutually supportive and not one-sided. 


The Moon in Pisces’ best traits are your imagination and creativity, and your worst trait is your over-sensitivity.


Your emotional responses are sensitive and compassionate.  You protect yourself by escaping to your own fantasies where the outside world goes away. 


Your Moon Sign

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