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Sun in Aquarius
January 20 - February 18

AQUARIUS NATURE: Independent, original, unique, and progressive.  You are individualistic, contrary, humanitarian, futuristic, stubborn, and socially aware, yet somewhat traditional.


With your Sun in Aquarius you embody the unity of man and all types of humanitarian or humane objectives.  You are a friendly, freedom-oriented Sign, yet are very private and aloof.  You are born to work for humanitarian causes with the goal of changing the world in a big way.  This involves collaborating with groups of people to work towards breaking down existing structures. You try to surround yourself with people and circumstances that are in alignment with the positive changes you want to make.


Your worst trait can be your fear of emotional attachment.  You understand people very well.  Even so, you want to keep your distance from others.  You are a good listener.  You are objective, unconventional and can engage in activism. You are a rebel with a cause.  As you learn new ways of living, you pass the information along to others.  You set yourself apart from the crowd by your originality.


You like fun with friends, helping others, fighting for worthwhile causes, and intellectual conversations. You dislike limitations, broken promises, being lonely, dull, or boring situations, and people who disagree with you.


Aquarius Fulfillment: You find fulfillment by finding ways to take care of the needs of all humanity while making valuable connections with others as a whole. You need one good close relationship that encourages you to express love while at the same time allowing you to be emotionally detached enough to fulfill your humanitarian efforts.


As an Aquarius you have a high degree of intelligence with even occasional sparks of genius.  These talents are suitable in Mountains of Influence involving teaching, research, science, inventing, lecturing, writing, technical fields, music, composing, voiceover artist, and journalism.  You have a strong interest in careers that have a futuristic, technological, or spiritual focus.  You are suited for a humanitarian career that promotes beliefs and undertakings which are not always orthodox or accepted by the general public. 


Aquarius Pride of Life:  You are proud of your individuality and the rewards you receive from your humanitarian career. Helping humanity is the center of your life.

Keeping Pride in Check: Make the most of each opportunity to help individual people instead of only the group as a whole.  Learn how to stay focused in an area of committed service to help you overcome threats to your freedom.  Learn the reward of service and longer-term commitment to others.  Learn about the old in order to build the new on a solid foundation.


Aquarius Unbalanced/Challenging Traits: You can be detached, willful and often agitated. You can be temperamental, contrary, unpredictable, uncompromising, egotistical, radical unable to commit, aloof, and fear the loss of your freedom.  You may be unwilling to accept other’s opinions.

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