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Sun in Gemini
May 21 - June 20

GEMINI NATURE: Communicative, curious, logical, rational, and gentle.  You are dualistic, distractible, versatile, and adaptable.


With your Sun in Gemini you are interested in the world of ideas and were born to be a student of life.  You are an instinctive communicator and can easily exchange ideas. You associate well with people and are popular. You are inquisitive and learn quickly. Quickly is the way to describe the way you decide, respond, and change. You go with the flow.


Your mental database is filled with a lot of information. Gemini is the most theoretical of Signs.   You thrive on theory.  You can collect information and react to it at the same time. You are a ‘jack of all trades master of none’ and know a little about a lot of things.  You hold your own opinion high.  You have diverse interests and multi-task very well.


Your worst trait can be your short attention span.  You are very curious and like to ask “Why?” to every answer given.  You are a good performer and you do well in trivia games.  Being dualistic in nature may make it hard for people to understand you.  One time you are charming and the next you are irritable and sarcastic, leaving them wondering.  You have high mental energy and crave variety in life.  You like to try new things and if you like it you will do it again, and if not, you see no need to.


You like music, books, and magazines, talking with nearly anyone, and short travels.  You do not like to focus or spend a lot of time on any one thing for very long.


Gemini Fulfillment: You find fulfillment in spiritual studies and sacrificial service to others.  Satisfaction comes from a deeper approach to life. Maintaining a good mental attitude provides you with good physical health and vice versa. You enjoy helping others. You need complete freedom of movement without a dull routine, where each day holds exciting challenges for you.


Your ability to learn and accumulate knowledge may be used in the education Mountain as a teacher, journalist, or writer.  Your gift of speaking and quick mind would work well in an occupation such as a salesperson, cable, or television voiceover actor, or in the entertainment field as a comedian, or playwright.


Gemini Pride of Life: You are proud of your own ideas. What you know and communicate is the center of your life.


Keeping Pride in Check:  Make the most of each opportunity to learn to experience practical reality and not just theory.  Delve into more focused feelings instead of skimming the surface with superficial knowledge. Take a little longer to find the truth.  Be more respectful of other people’s thoughts.


Challenging/Unbalanced Traits: You can be nervous, inconsistent, lose focus, and scattered. You can be indecisive, shallow minded or superficial. You like to have the last word.

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