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Book Your Personal Reading

We each have an inner self waiting to be discovered.   Birth chart interpretation will give you great insight.  You can book a private reading with me. 

Natal Chart Report





Natal Chart Interpretation


Your Moon Sign Insights





Unknown Birth Time

Basic Characteristic Reading.  

Please note: The time you select is not the time for your personal reading. It is to provide the birth information and payment needed to begin to work on your Natal Chart. Once I receive your booking, I will draw up your Natal Chart and provide the Interpretation.  Within 2 weeks I will let you know that your report is ready, and at that time we can set up an appointment to go over your reading, either online live, or I will record it and email it to you. Please let me know your preference if you know at the time of your booking. I look forward to helping you discover more about yourself!
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