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Sun in Aries
March 21 - April 20

ARIES NATURE:  Adventurous, courageous, determined, confident and quick witted.  You are enthusiastic, optimistic, dynamic, and pioneering.


With your Sun in Aries you are bold and self-assertive. You were born with the will to succeed and to experience life on your own terms. You like new beginnings, are enthusiastic, and can be impulsive. You are direct in your approach and like to go forward without any opposition.


Often impatient, headstrong, and competitive, you like to be first and want to achieve your goals.  You are a trailblazer.  You need freedom to be able to start a new project whenever the inspiration strikes. You often learn the hard way. You are a motivating, dynamic leader.


Your worst trait may be your short temper.  You can get heated and excited. You do not like to beat around the bush. You are not afraid of risky ventures and will quickly grasp new opportunities.  You have a need for speed - in everything!  You need to learn to allow time for things to develop.  Aries fights offensively by nature, unlike Scorpio whose style is defensive.  You attack when necessary. On a personal level you have a strong need to relate to, understand, and be fair to other people.


You enjoy taking on leadership roles, physical challenges, and individual sports. You dislike inactivity, delays, and meaningless tasks.


Aries Fulfillment: You find fulfillment in your career, status, your home, and family.  You can use your gift of leadership as a foundation to build your status and career. You must learn to balance your work and home lives as your competitive spirit may cause imbalance.  Through these you will uncover your identity, needs, desires, and gain awareness and confidence.


You work well under pressure and your gift of quick mental decisiveness makes your skills perfect in a Mountain of Influence where fast thinking is required, such as paramedic, emergency room nurse or doctor, surgeon, police officer, firefighter, military, salesperson, or in the advertising field where new and different ideas are always needed. 


Aries Pride of Life:  Being the first Sign of the Zodiac you are #1 and know it. You are proud of yourself and want to make the most of who you are.  ‘You’ are the center of your life.


Keeping Pride in Check:  Make the most of each opportunity to learn patience and sacrifice for others.  Take time to put yourself in the service of others and periodically follow rather than lead.  Learn to reflect on things before taking action.  Try not to compare yourself to others.


Aries Challenging/Unbalanced Traits: You can be impulsive, rash, impatient, selfish, short-tempered, domineering, aggressive, too passionate, possessive, or reckless. You do not like to take advice from others and often start but do not finish projects.

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