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Aquarius Rising
Aquarius Key Declaration: I Aspire

Those born with Aquarius Rising come across as distant and hard to feel close to, even though they are really friendly, outgoing, and generally upbeat. Aquarius Rising wants to be known for the ability to communicate and institute new ideas for the betterment of humanity.


You are deeply concerned with the betterment of mankind as a whole and have a futuristic understanding about life. 


Aquarians are of the Fixed mode indicating they are inflexible and like things to remain the same especially when it comes time for them to change their ways. You are also fixed in your opinions especially when they go against the popular consensus!


You are of the Air Element meaning you are a thinker and can over think any matter. Aquarius is of the positive Masculine polarity suggesting you are outgoing and generally upbeat.


Aquarius’ ruling Planets are Saturn, the ‘Taskmaster,’ the traditional ruler, which motivates your responsibility, and Uranus, the ‘Revolutionary,’ the modern ruler, which gives you the drive to break with tradition.  You are willful, contrary, and happy to be unconventional. You are quite independent so much so that you may sacrifice a permanent relationship for your independence.  You feel comfortable with computers and other technical equipment. 


The Water Bearer is the symbol for Aquarius.  Aquarius is the natural Sign of the Eleventh House, the House of the unique, friends, technology, clubs, and organizations.  It is natural for Aquarius to relate to large groups of people, but not on a one on one, intimate basis.  You are generally humanitarian and are socially aware of the latest trends. You are an innovator and are open to new ideas.


You have a deep understanding that is the result of a consistent thought process.  You may overthink matters.  You are detached, objective and are a good observer of people and life.  You like to know what makes other people tick.  You also enjoy learning about yourself.


With Aquarius Rising you were born with a humanitarian public oriented focus and you will learn about your own individuality through your interactions with others.  

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