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Gemini Rising
Gemini Key Declarations: I Think, I Communicate

Those born with Gemini Rising are perceived to have two different faces to their personality.  Gemini Rising wants to be known for their ability to communicate and exchanging a variety of ideas.


Gemini’s mode is Mutable meaning you are flexible and dexterous and can adapt yourself to the needs of others. Gemini’s Element is Air indicating that you are intellectual.  You have an adaptable mind but will question every concept until it is proven.


You have a Masculine polarity and are confident and outgoing.  Gemini’s ruling Planet is Mercury the ‘Messenger.’  You need to communicate.


The symbol for Gemini is The Twins and this represents your dual nature.  You thrive on change.  You have two sides to your personality.  One which is cheerful, flexible, and versatile, fitting into a group.  The other is particularly intellectual, exploring multiple subjects, and will have several things going on all at once.


Gemini is the natural Sign of the Third House which relates to communication, short distance travel, siblings, and neighbors.  You want to go places and express yourself.  You connect with others through your communication skills whether vocally or through the written word, and sometimes both.  Your ability to understand conflicting ideas makes you popular.  You do not want to deal with jealousy or possessiveness. You have a great independent streak.


You cultivate a wide variety of interests making you a fine teacher because of the richness of the information you possess and your ability to recall it.  It will be beneficial to learn to focus and prioritize your multiple interests in order to get things done.


With Gemini Rising you were born with the need for diversity and will learn the value of consistency through your partnerships. 

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