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What is Faith-based Astrology?

What makes Rose Martin and different than secular or New Age Astrology sites is that we use the Bible - both Old and New Testaments - as the basis of our understanding and acknowledge the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as the Creator of the Heavens.  Through our relationship with Him through His Son, Yeshua (Jesus) we have access to understanding the spiritual realms which include the heavens.  Through the Biblical interpretation of Astrology we can learn the language of the Heavens God created and can communicate and understand Him and our lives on this Earth in a fuller way.

We acknowledge that God is the Creator of the Heavens.  We realize the Sun, Moon and Stars work in accordance with His will and purpose and we do not give them power over our lives.  We do not idolize the heavens but use them as the tools God gave us to help us on our journey.  We give God the glory and do not make the heavens idol worship.

To find out more about the unique you, Rose has written a book that illustrates the Primary Star Pattern that was present on the day of your birth that interprets the picture of the heavens on the day you were born and the information it reveals!   It will help you discover more of YOU!

Take a look at 'Your Destiny Discovered: Astrology for Believers" here!

Your Destiny Discovered: Astrology for Believers book

"Your Destiny Discovered: Astrology for Believers," by Rose Martin

In this book you will see that throughout the Bible, and in the lives of our Spiritual forefathers, including Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jacob, Joseph and Yeshua, the Heavens were recognized as speaking for God. We, as modern-day Born-again Believers, should not be strangers to the voice and message of God as contained in the Heavens.

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