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Virgo Rising
Virgo Key Declarations: I Analyze, I Serve

Those born with Virgo Rising are seen as supportive and needing stability.  Virgo Rising wants to be known for their ability to analyze and serve in a practical dedicated way.


Virgo Rising has a natural instinct that will help you in your career, especially in the communication fields. There is a good chance of success in your career if you use your potential constructively.


Virgo is a Mutable Earth Sign which makes you adaptable and grounded. You are a practical multi-tasker.  Order is particularly important to you.


Virgo is of the receptive Feminine polarity.  You have a practical approach to the material world which helps you discriminate among what is good, better, and best to ultimately bring purity to your life.  You seek quality over quantity.


Virgo’s ruling Planet is Mercury, the ‘Messenger,’ the fastest, most detail-oriented Planet motivating you to learn and communicate precisely.


The symbol for Virgo is The Virgin. You are modest and humble. You do not like being put on the spot. You can be overly self-critical. You want to be correct.


Virgo is the natural Sign of the Sixth House which governs matters concerning detail work, health, and service to others.  It is natural for you to be interested in the medical field, real estate and occupations that require constant attention to details.  You can become overly health conscious.  You want perfection in your life. You are kind, meticulous, fastidious, and detailed oriented.


Virgo Rising are the workers of the Zodiac and you are often placed in supporting roles. You enjoy routine responsibilities. You may come across as petty or fussy.  You are a critical thinker and need to examine every situation in detail.


With Virgo Rising you were born with material practicality and you will learn spiritual sensitivity from those with which you are in relationship. 

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