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Pisces Rising
Pisces Key Declarations: I Believe, I Dream

Those born with Pisces Rising are seen as being compassionate and understanding.  Pisces Rising wants to be known as a compassionate, self-sacrificial support to their community.


You are somewhat secretive, and do not reveal much of yourself so it is difficult for people to get to know you.  You have a strong insight into spiritual subjects that can lead you to the study of mystical teachings and the prophetic realms.


Pisces is a mutable Sign under the flowing Element of Water which is symbolic of flexibility and sensitivity.  Pisces passive Feminine polarity allows you to take in and absorb other people’s energies.  You connect with others through your sympathetic, supportive, and compassionate nature. You blend well with others so much so you may disappear into your surroundings. However, you would be sorely missed.


The ruling Planets are Jupiter the ‘Sage’ as classical ruler which motivates you to explore and expand, and Neptune the ‘Dreamer’ the modern ruler which seeks out the Divine.  You are good at expanding your spirituality.  You are spiritual, idealistic, and devoted.  You will make sacrifices for others.


The symbol for Pisces is the Fish.  You find comfort near the Water.  You are sensitive to the people and situations around you. 


Pisces is the natural Sign of the Twelfth House of secrets, confinement, institutions, and creativity. For this reason, it is natural for Pisces Rising to experience secret sorrows and can relate to individuals who may be mentally, emotionally, or physically challenged in some way. 


You work is of real value to your community.  You must learn not to under value yourself. You can escape into imagination. Because of self-doubt you can create a different persona and use your imagination to become that character instead of really trying to find yourself.


With Pisces Rising you are born with natural spirituality and you will need the practicality of your partner to ground you. 

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