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Leo Rising
Leo Key Declaration:  I Create

Those born with Leo Rising are seen as those who know their value.  Leo Rising wants to be known for their creativity and their bold leadership.


Leo is a Fixed Fire Sign which gives you the characteristics of stubbornness, determination, and fixity of purpose. As an initiating, active, enthusiastic, passionate, Masculine polarity, Leo Rising has a flair for drama and needs outlets for their creative expressions and experiences.  You have more hope and optimism than any other Sign.


Leo Rising is ruled by our very own Sun, which is a Star, not a Planet. The Sun represents vitality, life, ego, creativity, and expression. Leo can be bigger than life as the Sun wants to shine, create, express, and display.


You are stubborn and never want to admit defeat.  You are also rigid in your opinions, are security oriented, and do not like change.  You may sacrifice your creativity for your choice of career. As your ability and success rises, so does the likelihood of your becoming egotistical and believing you know better.



The Symbol for Leo is the Royal Lion.  You are goal-oriented in actions that will ultimately develop your ego and pride.  You are very loving and affectionate and want to be appreciated.  A simple praise is a sought-after reward.  You  want everyone, including yourself, to be rewarded appropriately.


Leo is the natural Sign of the Fifth House which emphasizes children, creativity, and entertainment so it is natural for you to have these characteristics in your life.  You see yourself through your creations, which include your children as well as your works of art, and risk-taking feats.


You want to prosper and do well for yourself and your family. You are great at organizing and make a strong, dynamic leader, who believe you know better than all others.  You are inspiring, intuitive, charming, and playful. 


With Leo Rising you were born with great passion and you will learn to temper it through the objectivity of those with whom you are in relationship.   

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