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Sun in Virgo
August 23 - September 22

VIRGO NATURE:  Practical, analytical, service-oriented, and hard working.  You are gentle, loyal, kind, and detail oriented.


With your Sun in Virgo you operate and think on a micro level.  You are the critical thinker of the Zodiac.  You are, selective, meticulous, and fastidious.  You were born with a continual quest for detail, order, and perfection.  You have a lot of energy and need to have an outlet.  You prefer to serve and would rather take orders and carry out assignments rather than be the boss.  You seldom ask ‘why,’ only ‘how?’ Your perfectionism could prevent you from grasping the bigger picture.


Your worst trait is being a chronic fault finder, finding fault in yourself and others. You are handy, modest, kind, and humble.  You do not like confrontation or being direct.  This can lead to bottled up emotions.  You have many hobbies and look forward to retirement when you can spend more time working on them.


You like animals, healthy food, books, nature, and cleanliness.  You dislike rudeness, asking for help, or taking center stage.


Virgo Fulfillment:  You find fulfillment through knowledge and learning how to fix things, including yourself.  Since worry is at the root of most of your problems, you get satisfaction through using your analytical, critical, and practical talents to find solid answers.  As you learn to see past your five senses you can be fulfilled through faith and spirituality.  You can enjoy good health because of a good mental attitude, thoughts, and philosophy.


You have an excellent capacity for gathering and interpreting knowledge and material.  Your talents will do well in Mountains of Influence where accuracy is a must.  Your gift of critical thinking can give you the opportunity to become an excellent critic, teacher, bookkeeper, secretary, or data processor.  Because of your great capacity to care for others you would make a good healer, nurse, doctor, medical technician, or dietitian.


Virgo Pride of Life:  You are proud of your perfection.  Health and service is the center of your life.


Keeping Pride in Check: Make the most of each opportunity to learn to lead in some area of life.  Learn to give advice to others without judgmental motives.  Do not assume you know it all.  Learn to see life from the macro level of the world instead of the micro level of service.


Virgo Challenging/Unbalanced Traits: You can be an extreme perfectionist.  Being too critical can keep you from ‘seeing the forest for the trees.’  You can be excessively shy, over worry, overly critical of yourself and others, all work and no play. You feel like you must always be helping.

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