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Capricorn Rising
Capricorn Key Declaration: I Achieve

Those born with Capricorn Rising come across as being rigid and self-controlled.  Capricorn Rising wants to be known for building their career in a practical honorable way.


You have a sense of reality about yourself and the world. Capricorn is a difficult Rising Sign, with a built-in sense of duty and obligation. Achievement is important to Capricorns and you are not satisfied until you get to the top of your mountain. You work hard until you reach your goal.


Capricorn is a Cardinal Sign and is ambitious and enterprising.  You are an initiator of action that seeks to enhance your public image, and your business and professional influence.


Capricorn is of the Earth Element that makes them practical and steady leaders.  They are of the receptive Feminine polarity that absorbs ideas and thoughts that will help them reach their goals.


Capricorn’s ruling Planet is the ringed Planet Saturn, the ‘Taskmaster,’ representing responsibility.  You want an honorable life and your reputation is important to you.  You seek status.  You have a sense of reality about the world around you but at times have a hard time seeing yourself clearly. You often underestimate yourself and need the compliments of those close to you as reassurance. 


The Goat is the symbol for Capricorn.  You are able to start from scratch and reach the top.  You work hard until you reach your goal.  You need the stability of home for your security on your climb to the top.


Capricorn is the natural Sign of the Tenth House which is the House of responsibility, perseverance, ambition, and career.  Because of this Capricorn Rising will naturally be concerned with achievement of public recognition resulting in a higher position in the community.


You can display great confidence in some areas of your life and be timid in others. You can feel guilty about almost anything.  Your self-confidence waivers and a small set back can lead to depression, which physical exercise can help alleviate.


With Capricorn Rising you were born with the drive to achieve and you will learn about emotional nurturing through your committed partnerships.   

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