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Aries Rising
Aries Key declaration: I AM

Those born with Aries Rising are perceived to be naturally ambitious and courageous, and their appearance can be prominent.  Aries Rising wants to be known for taking action and their leadership role in starting projects.


You are bold and passionate and want to be first.  Aries is both a Cardinal and a Fire Sign which means you have double the powerful initiative and ambition for the promotion of your goals and self-centered interests as well as the energy and enthusiasm to achieve them.


Aries is of the Masculine polarity which also indicates your outgoingness. Aries’ ruling Planet is Mars the ‘Warrior’ which provides you with the drive, aggression, and competitiveness to act.


The symbol for Aries is the Ram.  You are assertive and enterprising.  You will ram through anyone who tries to block your efforts. You are not intentionally selfish.


Aries is the natural Sign of the First House of self, life and beginnings.  With Aries in the First House it is natural for you to be more concerned about your own personal affairs than those of others. You are ‘me first’ in your desire to develop your personality and appearance in order to live up to your potential.


The opinions of others can easily be second to yours. You have a strong feeling of being in competition with everyone, including yourself.  You often feel like you are inferior to others and feel like you have missed many opportunities.  Because of this you may have a hard time finding peace of mind.


With Aries Rising you were born with a strong independence and will learn to work with others through the give and take of your close partnerships and relationships. 

Your Rising Sign

Your Face to the World

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