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Libra Rising

Libra Key Declarations: I Balance,  I Partner

Those born with Libra Rising are seen as people who love equality in partnerships.  Libra Rising wants to be known for their ability to relate to others and exchange ideas in a fair and even way.


The need to relate is a strong element of your personality.  You have good manners, have thoughtful remarks, and are a welcomed guest.  You are persuasive and will encourage others to see your point of view.  You initiate actions toward teamwork, marriage, and business partnerships or close associations.


Libra is a Cardinal Air Sign which gives you leadership and intellectual traits.  Libra is of the extroverted Masculine polarity and the ruling Planet is Venus, the ‘Lover,’ which represents beauty, charm, and sensuality.  It motivates Libra to relate.


The Symbol for Libra is the Scales that seeks balance and justice. Your desire for harmony and balance can lead to indecision. You can easily ignore your personal problems.  You are fair and considerate of others and do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings.


Libra is the natural Sign of the Seventh House, which is the House of partnerships, justice, and social interaction.  You love companionship and enjoy being with one special person.


Because of your strong need for relationships you may rush into commitments too quickly.  You need to talk things through with a trusted partner.  You can be more concerned with your close relationships than your family ties. 


With Libra Rising you were born with a desire to put your own thoughts aside and to peace with others and will learn how to define who ‘you’ yourself are through your close partnerships. 

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