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Primary Star Pattern - Sun, Moon, Rising

Printed Natal Chart Plus Primary Star Pattern Components

  • 15 min
  • Sent via Email

Service Description

Get your Natal Chart to find out the details about your Natal - Brith - Chart, then come to the site to check out what your Sun, Moon and/or Rising Sign says about you! Send your birth information - birth month, day, year, location - city/state/country, time of birth. The TIME OF BIRTH can be found on some birth certificates. It is needed to get more detailed information about your chart, so it needs to be exact. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW YOUR BIRTHTIME, please do not guess. Simply let me know that you do not know, or if you just have an approximate time. Please Note: If you do not know your exact birth time, we will not be able to go over the Rising Sign, House Your Sun is in, or the Planetary Ruler. We will however be able to go over your Sun and Moon Signs and other significant positions in your Natal Chart. Once I get your birth info, I'll draw your chart and send you the details of your Primary Star Pattern! I look forward to introducing your Primary Star Pattern to you!

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