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A Time to Take Action while Eying the Scales of Justice

“A new energy is flowing from the Heavens that will usher in the next step of action. We are collectively moving from a passive to a more aggressive, determined mindset.”

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17 NIV

On July 18, the heavenly lights made a sweeping change, pouring forth a new focus that will help us with the discoveries and changes that need to be made through the next eighteen months.

Every eighteen months, certain markers in the heavens move into a new life area where energy and direction change and destined and fated events begin to manifest. The effect of this change is notable – if you know what to look for and to notice it in the world and in your life.

We are coming out of a time that heavily influenced the upheaval in resources, financial systems, values, beliefs, provisions, personal money and possessions, as well as other people’s money, debt, secrecy, all kinds of taboo issues, deep dark truths, the financial collapse of banks and institutions, and the exposure of secrets in all areas of life – the good, bad, ugly.

Secrets came out that opened our eyes to things that were hidden from us for our entire lives. Financial systems wobbled. Resources were more expensive. Beliefs and values were tested. A spirit of possessiveness and jealousy. Unpredictable weather and natural events. At the same time, insightful spiritual mysteries of life were also revealed.

What’s next?

These areas of life will continue to be exposed as the energy changes from a fixed, responsive, stubborn one, to one of individual action and assertiveness.

A new energy is flowing from the Heavens that will usher in the next steps of action that will be orchestrated by God and His Heavenly Hosts.

In the world and personally during this period, the attributes that are highlighted are individual identity, initiation, action, aggression, boldness, courage, inner strength and ambition. It highlights taking care of oneself.

It also calls us to focus on actively dealing with partnerships, contracts, the legal system, balance, and justice, also open enemies. Enemies of the world and our lives will become evident.

These are the areas that will be activated for the growth and changes that need to occur over the next year and a half.

We are moving from a passive to a more aggressive, determined mindset. This energy can be used for good or for evil. It can be used to grow and understand the happenings of the world, or we can take the energy to do harm for one’s own benefit, individually, and collectively.

It is up to each individual how they handle the energies that are sent from heaven. Most will be oblivious to them and not notice or care. However, those who are working on their spiritual growth look forward to receiving the spiritual blessings and understanding at these remarkable times. They look forward to the opportunity to work with their Creator God in understanding more of His plan for their lives and what is happening in the world.

Foundational areas of our lives, both materially and spiritually will be brought into view during the next year and a half. With all of the changes and revelations going on, our lives need to be realigned with truth and understanding.

There is healing, power, and direction flowing down from the heavens. Ask for what you need to help you to become more Christlike in these areas. Pleasant and not so pleasant actions of our lives can be rewarded or corrected at this time.

Partnerships will be highlighted: Improving them. Dissolving them. Working together with new people to accomplish new goals. Meeting new people. Meeting new loves. Becoming more informed about our legal system.

Fated events will happen for some throughout this time. They will finally experience the changes they have been calling in over the past years. Now the next phase can begin. One of action. This is a time of major adjustment and forward movement. A new alignment. It is a pivotal time.

This is a time that we can take personal responsibility for our lives, to begin to take action on all of the things that have been stuck or that we haven’t found an answer to for the last few years. It is a time you can put what you have learned to practice in your life; to become more self-sufficient, while taking the needs of others into consideration. We can take our aggression, selfishness, and thinking only of the self and balance it with peace, caring for others and finding justice.

We can look for signs of this new energy:

Notice that people are taking matters into their own hands. More people are not standing by idly anymore and merely watch what is being taken down around them. They will have a boldness to stand up and fight for what they believe. They may form partnerships with others to carry out new innovative ways to solve the problems of the day.

Notice increasing issues dealing with people taking action, calling for justice, not taking it anymore increasing.

Notice an uptick in clashes between causes, viewpoints, taking sides, as individuals call for justice and get the courage to fight for what is theirs.

Notice crimes being exposed, and criminals being brought to trial and paying for their crimes.

The crimes that were committed in secret will come out into the open, and the guilty will be dealt with through the legal system.

Notice yourself getting more energy, clarity, and drive in an area that you have felt stuck in. Do you feel the wheels starting to move? You may notice a new boldness to take action on something that has already been stirring inside, or new opportunities may be coming to you.

Notice that people are beginning to take more responsibility for the issues that affect their lives and start to help where they can in order to get things steadied and revamped.

We will begin to see people become bolder in dealing with the areas of our world that desperately need someone to take action, while keeping an eye on the scales of justice. The legal system will be a major focus.

All the world will be experiencing these energies, sent from heaven above. For some individuals it will be more noticeable than for others depending on the issues they have been dealing with.

Seek the Lord for guidance on overcoming the dark areas of your life that were exposed during the last year-and-a-half. Now is the time to break free with new drive and direction. Take what you’ve learned through the struggles of the previous years and apply that insight to this next phase of your life.

Start the projects you have been thinking about. Start adding your individual contributions to the changes that are being called for in the world at this time.

Evaluate your partnerships in your business and personal life and anyone you have a contract or agreement with. Recognize if current relationships require adjustments to continue on in a healthier way. Some relationships may end, as contracts have run their course.

While this may be a difficult time in the world with all of the action that needs to be taken to deal with all of the current imbalances, you can be assured that our Creator God is aware and has a plan.

Receive strength and empowerment from the Father of the Heavenly lights to rise above all that is currently around you. As new insights unfold in your life, take action in the areas in which the Holy Spirit leads you.

Use this time to work with the Living God to draw closer to Him, strengthen your identity, understand more of your purpose, and continue to be a part of one of the greatest moves of God!


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