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Let Go and Let God - New Moon Solar Eclipse 4-19.20-2023

As with all eclipses, this is a time where fated endings and beginnings tend to take place, including things we have wanted to overcome. You can take the opportunity to let the Spirit do the work to clear away what is no longer needed to make way for the new.

In a not so common occurrence, this month has a second new moon in the same sign as the previous month. It is again in Aries and this time it is also a Solar Eclipse. There is double emphasis on what this month represents – including our ability to be released from slavery, taking responsibility for ourselves, and reaffirming our identity.

All aspects of who we are are under our full review these two months. We’re getting a chance to take a good long look at our identity and take an inventory of sorts to see if there is anything that needs attention or a new direction.

This look at ourselves is not to make us self-centered, or to build up our pride or ego. It is a time to make an assessment of yourself, and if things are spinning out of control, it is a good time to grab the wheel and get back on track. It’s ok to take a look at yourself, not in a judgmental way, but in a review and tune up sort of way. At this time of year you can check to see where your I AM needs empowerment from the GREAT I AM.

Last month we started to as ask ourselves, “Who am I?” We listed traits and areas of our lives that made up who we are. We acknowledged that we are responsible for ourselves.

This month we can continue the pondering. Realizing that we are responsible for our lives, our welfare, our future, we can ask ourselves, How much of those have I given away to others? Have I given my power away to someone or something else or am I walking in the fullness of who God created me to be? Am I waiting for someone to rescue me, or am I taking matters into my own hands? Do I have self-destructive ways that sabotage my success? What changes do I need to make in order to get on track?

Throughout this process, in addition to recognizing and confirming some of the wonderful aspects of who you are, you probably also discovered some that are not very wonderful or beneficial to your life!

You see that there are parts of your life that do not help you to live your best life or help you to fulfill the vision and goals you have for your life. These are likely traits, habits, thoughts, actions, that you have had trouble taming or removing. These can also be certain relationships or people. You may have baggage - emotions, poundage, heartaches - that need to be shed so that you can walk freely and confidently into the rest of the year.

In this powerful eclipse, God, in His perfect timing and workings in the Universe, gives us the opportunity to eclipse, cut off, cut out, these negative tendencies and relationships.

What perfect timing! We have a month to review who we are...we realize there are some things that need to be removed from our lives….and now comes an eclipse that can take it away to make room for something better!

This is an opportunity to shed relationships that have ended, or that need to end. Thank the Lord for what their time in your life has taught you. Even bad relationships can be used to develop who you are. You can gain strength and wisdom while learning how to deal with and overcome the negative aspects of them.

Let God and time heal the hurts. Keep the loves. And make way for new opportunities and people to come into your life. You can expect great new things to happen once the old is removed and cleansed.

When we focus our minds on the way we would rather be, instead of the tendency that is plaguing us, we bring more of the positive trait into our lives. Believe that throughout this month, as you ask for the highest and best to come into your life, the unwanted issues are being taken away and being replaced with positive.

As you begin to look ahead to this new season, is there a path you have been wanting to take, but your old self has kept you stuck for way too long? There is a call to move forward in your life with intention with the Spirit of God as your guide.

This will lead us to next month’s life area when we will take a look at the talents and abilities we have to provide for ourselves. We will ask ourselves what we value. Do we value ourselves? How do we provide for ourselves, including the foods we provide to our bodies. What are our moral values? How do we provide for our spirituality? Do we connect with the Spiritual aspects of ourselves that can guide and affirm our value?

This month, ask for the old to be removed, and ALLOW the old to be removed. Shed a tear. Grieve and mourn. Try to realize that it is for the best for everyone involved. Ask to be healed. Ask for the Spirit of God to fill you with His presence and love and heal you. Ask for the new to come. Then live your best each day until the new presents itself. You can look back in two months and be amazed at what has happened seemingly behind the scenes, to change the visible scenes in your life.

This eclipse season will bring in powerful opportunities. It’s time to clear the slate and clear the path for the new you in the new year! This is a very focused time to get serious about who you are, so that you can be equipped to do your part in this next phase the world will be going through.

Let Go and Let God. Praise the Lord for His great works.

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